Monday, June 28, 2010

Claire Turns Two! - Take 2

The only thing better than turning 2, is having 2 parties! After Josh got back from Africa, we went over to his parent's house to have another family celebration. Mimi (Claire's great-grandma) and Josh's cousin and her daughter (Destiny) who is also 2, came up from Tucson. Claire and Destiny had the best time running through the house and playing together. Grandpa barbecued the most delicious steak and salmon, it was so good! Claire even ate the salmon.

After a nice nap, Claire and Destiny went swimming.Claire has become much more brave in the past month.

She loves her rings.

Later, it was time for cake. It was just the same old boring kind I usually make. I hate to make cakes. I used to like to but now, I think it is the biggest hassle - mostly because I put all this time into them and they always looks either disgusting or just boring.

Claire likes her chocolate though so it didn't really matter.
She was even able to blow out the candle all by herself this time!
After cake, Claire opened her presents! She got a wagon! I super nice one too! Claire and Destiny were wanting to open it there. I am more excited about it than Claire I think. I remember how much fun my brothers and I had on our wagon. Dadda was able to put it together for her the next day before he left for another week.
I have a feeling this wagon will be well used for many years to come.


  1. She looks like a little model posed on top of that wagon box.

  2. If only we could get her to smile... all she could think about at that point was cake.