Saturday, April 2, 2016

Zoo Day

 Last week we went to the zoo with Grandma and Aunt Shelbe.  They gave us a Zoo membership for Christmas but between back to back sicknesses and Jack we haven't made it out there until now.  
We chose a beautiful day though!  We were actually chilly sometimes. Unfortunately everyone else in the state thought so too - it was pretty crowded. The animals also thought it was nice out and we actually got to see most of them.
 We happened to be in the orangutan exhibit when the zoo workers came to feed and make the apes do tricks.  Many people were excited by this, I watched in disgust.  For those of you who do not know yet, I ABHOR monkeys (or apes) of any kind.  My hatred towards them has rubbed off on the girls.  We have a baby book with a picture of some kind of ape on it and whenever Paige gets to that part she says "Ugh! Yuck!" and turns the page really fast.
 They are quite possible the most offensive mammals to ever walk the planet.

 Jack was so good on our trip.  He rode in the stroller most of the time 
and occasionally was held and fed. 
Sometimes I felt like he was an exhibit at the zoo.  So many people would walk by and exclaim "Look at the baby! He is so little!"   

I am proud of myself... I actually got some frontal group shots.  Most of the time at the zoo we come home with a bunch of pictures like this.
 Because it was so nice out, we spent 6 hours at the zoo.  6 HOURS!  With four little kids!  It was so lovely and enjoyable.  Paige was awesome - until she bumped her head right when we decided to take pictures but as you can see you tried her best to recover.
 Playing in the farm area.

Grandma spoiled them with various treats. Yum!

I will do my best to make it to the zoo often this year since we have our membership.  Next time I think it will be hot enough to bring our swimsuits and try out the splash pads. 
Thanks Grandma and Shelbe for a fun filled day!


  1. Love your blogs. Thanks for a lovely day at the zoo. :)

  2. Love your blogs. Thanks for a lovely day at the zoo. :)