Saturday, April 23, 2016

All about Jack

Jack is 7 weeks old!   We love this little guy! 
He has been our best baby yet....BUT, he is still pretty high need.  Ugh! Newborns are so..... worthless.  There is no other creature on earth that is as helpless and high need at birth than humans - and the helplessness lasts for SO long!

Jack is generally easy going but he gets really gassy and fussy at night around the time I need to be making dinner.  With the girls we tried SO MANY different colic or anti gas medicines and none of them worked but when I heard good things about this...

 I realized we hadn't tried it yet (probably because it is $20 a bottle)  but it actually works!  He loves the taste and immediately calms down to take it.  He feels so much better afterward. ... no more screaming.  It is kind of gross to give to him because it is black - it has charcoal in it.  It leaves a nice black residue on his lips and his diapers are....interesting. 

The poor little guy is not very blessed in the looks department right now.  Maybe you think that is mean for a mother to say about her own child but hey, I am just being honest.  I am not so blinded by love that I am oblivious to the fact that he is not good looking.   But that's okay, we love him anyway and take comfort in the fact that his sisters were not that great looking newborns either and they turned out okay.

 Claire - 
In fact he is the spitting image of Claire - who also knows the cold, hard fact that she was our ugliest baby.

 Joy (she was by far the prettiest)
Paige (and the fattest)
(okay to be fair those are the ugliest ones I could find)

Jack is getting pretty hefty himself,  he weighs 11lbs already!  
 This is probably due to the fact that he eats every two hours around the clock.  (sometimes an hour and a half!)  We just discovered that he is lip-tied so I am hoping that after that is taken care of next week he will eat better at one time and I can actually sleep at night.

He falls asleep easily though!  I set him down to help Paige in the play room and he was happy so I left him there.  A few minutes later I checked on him and he was fast asleep.

The girls still adore him and Claire has earned the title of "Baby Whisperer".  She can get him to stop crying when no one else can.  They have a special bond. 
   He knows she will sing to him anytime and he likes that.

Last weekend our church gave us a baby shower.
(mom dripped water on his shoulder. when doing his hair.)

It was wonderful!  (no games!)

Look! There are no pink decorations!

 Jack and I really enjoyed it and we were showered with love and many gifts.
  We feel so blessed and at home at Hillside.

We sure do love this little guy!  And he IS getting cuter already.

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