Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

 What a fun Easter we had this year!  We started off the day with an enjoyable morning at church.  Jack wore his Sunday best too! 
(his onesie has a collar - although I later realized the collar was making him fussy because it was constantly rubbing on his cheek reminding him that he should eat....nonstop.)

We had a few minutes after church to go home and make deviled eggs before heading over to my mom's and dad's for Easter dinner.

 This little guy sat in the swing happily while we were preparing and eating the dinner.  I have never had a baby sit in a swing for more than 2 unhappy minutes.  What a treat!
Steve and Michelle, T.J and Josiah weren't able to come so it was a much smaller crowd than usual.
 After dinner the girls opened their gifts that Nana always gets them.  They were a huge hit and since they were mostly outside toys and the weather was PERFECT we spent the rest of the afternoon/evening in the backyard.

All the kids were in such good moods!  It was amazing.

                                     Then the Easter Buddy (Uncle Buddy) hid the eggs and the girls found them all.
 Norah had her own Easter egg area with orange slices in her eggs!

Paige was so good at egg hunting this year and even found the harder ones that Joy and Claire missed.

 More toys and games.  Everyone had so much fun!  The only time there were any tears is when Joy was showing us how fast she could run while Claire was playing baseball and they both collided at full speed.  It was hilarious though.
 Claire learned how to jump rope this week and the Easter Bunny brought her a big jump rope in her basket.  We all had fun jumping  - even Nana and Dadda!
Of course Uncle Buddy was the best jumper and had to have some added weight.  Norah loved it.
This is the last Easter that Paige's dress will be worn by one of our children! 
All three girls have worn it now.  

What a nice Easter this was!  It was the most enjoyable one yet!

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