Friday, March 6, 2015

Owls, Frisbee and Bikes

We recently found out that we have an park right near us that is a habitat for burrowing owls. 
We went to go check it out last week with Josh.
The girls loved the owls.  We saw five of them.  Most run into their little pipe homes when we got close but this guy was brave and let us get close to him.
It's not an exciting park, just a walk way with rows of burrows and desert to walk around in.  The girls enjoyed picking flowers and putting them in their hair.

 We also headed to Discovery Park again so Claire could give that bike hill another try.  She wasn't quite ready for it so she played frisbee with Josh
 while Joy practiced riding her "big girl bike". (with training wheels)
Paige wanted to play frisbee too.

Just a fun relaxing day. 

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