Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cousin Time

This week Michelle came down to spend the day with cousins and Nana.  We went to our favorite park because we thought T.J. would enjoy the splash pad.  It won't be much longer that we'll be able to go to parks!
We ate lunch which was interrupted by multiple bathroom trips and then hit the splash pad.

 Snack Break!
 Paige loves her some hummus.

 The kids tired of the water pretty quickly, so we played, 

  went to the bathroom some more,
visited the fountain
and played some more.   Timothy can make this go around all on his own!  (that is impressive)
Speaking of impressive.... here is a decent picture of four, hot, tired kids on a moving swing.

   Josiah was there too! He slept and ate and was a good little baby.

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