Sunday, March 22, 2015


Last week was Claire's first week of basketball.   I very much hope
that one day she will be able to play for the EVAC team, just like I did
in high school so we are getting her started young.  Hopefully she'll
be better than I was when she hits junior high!

Friday was her first practice and Saturday was her first game.  She LOVED the practice and was pumped for the game.  However,  her coach did not actually go over what they are supposed to do in a game apparently.

Up to this point, Claire had only played half court so having two baskets was confusing - especially because she didn't understand that each team only shoots at one of those baskets.   Claire has a great shot and made a basket!  Unfortunately it was on the other teams hoop but that's okay!
Only 8 baskets were scored the entire game and her's was one of them!

Also,  she had never guarded someone before and no one explained to her (because I didn't know) that YMCA gives each team member a different colored bracelet and it will match someone's on the opposing team.  Before the game starts they meet in middle and match up their bracelets and whoever has your same color, is your man to guard.   A pretty good idea to keep the kids from quintuple-teaming the kid with the ball but it would have helped if the coach had told them this ahead of time.... or even after the game was under way.

Here is an example of the complete and utter lostness.

I am glad I took video so we could watch it afterward and I could explain (graciously!) to her about the wrist band thing and show her how she is not helping her team when she is prancing around at center court.  I am proud of her.  She took what I had to say well when we practiced later that day she was SO much more aware and felt much better about the whole thing.

She is usually pretty capable athletically so I think next weekend she'll do really well.

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