Saturday, December 13, 2014

Seeing Santa

The past two years we've done big Christmas excursions (Polar Express and the North Pole Experience) but this year we decided to take a break and do something not so expensive.  We were just going to see Santa at the mall but there was/is a Groupon out for MacDonald Ranch's Christmas Festival so we thought it would be fun to try.   It was way up on Scottsdale Rd and Jomax.  I was glad at first that it wasn't crowded but it was so empty that it was awkward.  For a long time it seemed that we were the only people there but eventually a few more people came.

The girls had a good time.  

There was a petting zoo, 
 a hayride and a train. (the cowboy took this blurry picture)
  Panning for gold was by far the favorite though - they could have done that for hours.  
Santa was there and each girl (but not Paige!) told Santa what they wanted for Christmas. (Anna and Elsa dolls - the small Barbie size kind) 
I was so proud of Joy for not being too shy and she spoke loudly and clearly as she told Santa her wish.  Joy says that Santa "freaks her heart out."

When we got home we decorated our Christmas tree and Claire was ecstatic that our 3 little Christmas Elves were found hiding in the tree that we bought early that day!  What luck that we happened to buy the tree they were hiding in!
Now that we have our tree and our elves, our house is full of Christmas excitement.

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