Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I Went to Sedona to Break My Arm

 On Monday my mom and the girls and I all drove up to Sedona to spend a night with Rachel's parents at their time share.  We could only stay one night due to my work but we thought it would be a fun getaway.  We got up there around noon, ate lunch and then went for a short hike near Bell Rock.
After our hike we drove to a park to let the girls play.   About 2 minutes after we got there I got on the swings and was going to do my back flips off the swing like I always do and have been doing since I was 5 years old.  Well,  I was wearing a scarf and as I was in the air upside down, the scarf flopped over my face so I couldn't see the ground and I landed in a sitting position with my hands on the ground behind me.  I didn't think anything was seriously wrong until Bryan said "Did you break your arm?!  You broke your arm!"   I was hoping it was just jammed but it was definitely hurting and "twisty" as the ER triage nurse described it.

 So, Bryan and Emily took the girls back to the hotel while Bob drove me and my mom to the ER - 18 miles away.  To make a long story short, we spent 6 hours at the ER, they x-rayed it, straightened it as best they could, splinted it and sent us on our way.  I have to see an orthopedist and have surgery on it asap.

Robin, Rachel and Emily took care of the girls for us all afternoon/evening and the girls were in heaven.  They took a bath, played games, watched a movie etc.  It was so nice for me and my mom to know that they were in good hands and still having a good time.

 The next day we walked around Sedona.  Since there was nothing too exciting for the girls, we tried to take a photo with every statue we saw.

 Playing music.

We had the special treat of eating lunch at a restaurant and then headed home.  Tomorrow I have my ortho appt. Now that I am home I am getting more and more frustrated since my right hand is completely useless (but I am left-handed thankfully) and I am unable to do any of my paperwork.  Thankfully, Rachel stepped up and will do it for me this period since she knows how.  What a life saver! 

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