Sunday, September 8, 2013

Actually Enjoying a Public Pool

 Have I mentioned lately that I love living on the east side?  Well, I do.  I am definitely not a fan of public pools but Chandler has one of the best in the valley.  It has saved us from having to go to Sunsplash this year, and for only $3 for our whole family, we can go as many times as we want!

I had been here once before when Claire was Joy's age.  I remembered thinking it was neat but Claire was so afraid of the water back then that it wasn't as much fun as it should be.  This year we rediscovered it and now that Claire is old enough/tall enough, it is awesome.

Who is this girl?  Could it be that little girl who would rather die than get a drop of water splashed on her face?

She is even tall enough for the slides this year!  Just barely.  Every time there is a lifeguard change at the top, the new lifeguard stops her and makes her stand against the "You must be this tall" sign.  

Joy is not so fond of the water yet, but not nearly as petrified as Claire used to be. 
She hangs out with mom and dad and baby Paige most of the time.

Paige loves to be at the pool, she is always as happy as can be while we are there.
Probably because all her arm rolls get a thorough rinse out.

 We hope to go a few more times before we say good-bye to summer.

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