Saturday, June 15, 2013

Backyard - We have grass!

Yep, our house is still a work in progress.  The backyard has been pretty low on the priority list.  You may remember that when my parents first bought the house it had 3 horrible disgusting palm trees.  If you like palm trees,  I am sorry, we cannot be friends.

Quite a few months ago we tried to take them out ourselves but that proved impossible so we paid a guy to chop them down and grind down the stumps so they won't grow back.  Yay! Problem solved....or so we thought.
 The yard laid untouched for a few months until a few weeks ago when we had a guy come and level the whole yard.  It was quite the job. ( Oh, we also had that tiny tree in the corner planted. )
 But while he was leveling it he discovered that 2 of the palm tree stumps were sticking up out of the newly level ground making it impossible for him to finish his job and even more impossible to lay sod over the yard (which was being done the next day).
 Josh dug around the stump, which is really a ball of roots and dirt, later that day my dad rented a stump grinder and hacked away at it.  (He had fun)
 They got rid of the 2 palm tree stumps and a little, random stump that was already in the yard when we moved in.  Josh then spent hours getting the ground back to level and ready for the grass in the morning.
 The crew of guys that came put in all the sprinklers and drip irrigation.  Then they laid the sod.
 2000 sq ft of it.
We are so pleased.  We had to stay off of it for 2 weeks to let the ground settle.  Josh had his first chance to mow it this morning.  

Looks pretty good! Now we just need to put in the border and pea gravel around the outside.  (pea gravel is easier on little feet.)  Then the yard will be done.

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