Thursday, June 20, 2013

Strange Quirks and Towel Robes

Joy is a strange one sometimes.  She has many quirks that make me think she is a little OCD.  One of them is that when she drops a pieces of food. i.e. a cheerio at breakfast, that cheerio MUST be recovered before she can relax and take another bite.  (in this case it was a cheese puff)
 Any lost food is immediately sought after, forsaking the whole bowl for the one lost. 

She also HATES to take her clothes off - especially when we take off her jammies.  She has 3 different onesies all with ladybugs on them and she loves them.  Every night we have to acknowledge the bugs, and find them all.

Each morning is a fight as I rip off the usually poopy onesie and she sobs "My bug! My bug!"  (she does this with any dress as well, not so much with shorts and a t-shirt)

Here weirdest thing though is her obsession with towels.  After bath she loves to snuggle in her towel....FOREVER.

She tries to walk around in it and it makes her trip or falls off her body.  She freaks out about it and can't rest until the towel is securely wrapped around her just so.  If you take her towel away she gets SO upset and cries, "My towl!"  My towl!"  We thought this was funny at first but it is getting ridiculous.  Now she even does it with our beach towels after swimming.  She wants to walk around with it but they are just too big and heavy, her hands aren't free and then it falls.  I only have so much patience for it and after the 2nd time of re-wrapping it, I take it away.  Tears ensue.

I decided to make everyone's life happier by making her a towel robe.  I made this one first just to see if she would accept it as a "towl" and want to wear it.
 Oh boy, did she.  When Claire saw her she said "Hey! I want to be a shepherd too!"  A little while later I found Claire crying in her room.  (yes, my children cry way more than I believe the average child does, or should)  I asked her what was wrong and she said "You never make things for me!"  Oh brother.

So, because I didn't want Joy to look like a poor shepherd and since Claire really wanted one, I splurged and went out and bought 2 new towels to make into robes.  I got them from Walmart for $8.   Because I spent money on them,  I wanted them to really turn out well so I bought the Beach Robe pattern over at MADE.   It was a great, easy pattern and it took me about 4 hours for both of them.

Although, much of that time was spent re-threading my surger after a certain 1 year old completely destroyed the threads and finding the right tension setting for my machine to sew on the thicker towel material.

Now Joy can run around in her towel, snuggly and happy and hands free.

They are also great for lounging by the pool while waiting for Sissy's swim class to be done.

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