Thursday, May 30, 2013

Science Center

LivingSocial had a deal last week for the Arizona Science Center.  An unlimited summer pass for 4 people, 2 general tickets (incase you bring a friend) and 4 tickets to their extra charge Sesame Street The Body exhibit. All that for 35 bucks!  Not to mention a nice way to spend some of the hot summer days ahead. 

We went yesterday for the first time.  About 75% of the museum was over their heads but they still had fun. Way more fun than we ever had at the Children's Museum - of which I am not a fan.  

My mom went with us which was not only necessary (with my current girth and back pain I am not easily able to carry Joy and pick her up to see and do things.) but also more fun for all of us.

They could have stayed at the ball/water exhibit for hours.

Claire really wanted to do the bed of nails... until it was her turn and she realized they really were sharp nails. Here she is after I forced her to try it.  It was not so bad she decided. 

Like I said, a lot of it was over their heads, but if it had a button to push, it was awesome.

and there were plenty of young-child friendly things to do.

 Claire's favorite was building with these blocks. 
She built a pretty big tower all by herself.  She knocked it down before she left so that some other kid wouldn't get the pleasure.
 We stayed for over 3 hours which is a record for us.  We hope to go many more times this summer to get our money's worth. 

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