Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Day with Cousin T.J.

Today we went with my mom up to Anthem to babysit Cousin T.J.  Claire was SO excited.  She absolutely loves him and can't keep her hands off of him.  Joy did better than I thought she would. She shared some toys with him and gave him a couple hugs throughout the day.  They kept him busy and he loved to watch them play with his toys.

Joy liked his jumper more than he did and danced to the music it made.

We took him outside and Claire gave him a ride in his walker. 

Which he loved.

Then some cuddle time on the couch.  He is a big guy!
T.J, 6 months, Joy 22 months - same size.

Ummm...Don't look Michelle.

Finally a picture where they all look halfway content!

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