Friday, March 9, 2012

Little But Mighty

Joy is crawling!
For the past month and a half, she has been SO close and every week I'd say, "She'll be crawling by next week for sure" and every week she was more mobile (she would scoot like a seal around the room) but not crawling. I was getting impatient because Claire crawled at 5 months and Joy is almost 7 months; although according to the doctor we should adjust her age by one month since she was early so she is a 6 month old when it comes to milestones.
Just a few days ago she started staying up on her knees instead of taking a break on her tummy between steps. She is quite proud of herself.

Poor girl can't even crawl with out big sister being in her face.

She is a lovable one! All 13 lbs of her (still).
Good job little big girl!


  1. wowee! Go Joy! Caroline's not a crawler yet... she might need to build some more muscle since she has almost 5 more lbs. to haul around haha

  2. Well, she decided to move on to crawling before mastering sitting. I think it's because her bottom is not a big enough base and she just rolls right over.