Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bubble Art

While Joy was napping this morning, I decided to try making bubble art with Claire. I mixed water, dish soap and tempera paints in cups, put straws in and let her blow bubble to her heart's content.I saw online that you are supposed to blow the bubbles over the edge of the cup and then lay the paper on top of the bubbles.
So we did that for the first picture.

It was tedious to do one at a time (for Claire) so she tried blowing all of the cups and then putting the paper on.It was great fun to try to keep all of the cups "bubbly" at the same time. She loved this and thought they looked like ice creams.On our second paper, I had her try setting the cup on the paper and blowing the bubbles til they overflowed.
As you can see, not the greatest results either way...

but she had a fun.

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