Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another Ballet Class

Right after Claire's last ballet class came to and end, we signed her up for another with the same teacher and same location. I mostly decided that would be best to try to avoid the first 2 weeks of crying and being "shy" but it didn't help.The teacher had some fun new things for the girls in this class including ribbon crowns and ribbon sticks along with new butterfly wings that weren't misshapen or falling off. Yay!All of these photos were taken during the last class "performance" I could tell Claire did much better this time than the last class. She was more confident and capable.
They performed the same butterfly song and the same "Jack in the Box" song but they did a little ribbon dance....
and their main dance was new.
Here is a clip of the main dance. It was the worst of the dances but it gives you and idea of what the poor teacher dealt with for 6 weeks.

The video starts abruptly because we missed the first part due to Claire having "itchy buns" and she had to come over and let is know. You can see that the itch is back closer to the end of the performance.

Claire's main problem is that she likes to watch her neighbor rather than her teacher. The curtsy at the end is hilarious.

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