Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Attire

This morning, I let Claire choose what she wore to church and she insisted that she wear a princess dress. She was so excited about it she wanted to show Grandma and Nana and Uncle Didi so I told her we could take pictures for them. (So there you go select few)We then decided that Joy should wear her fanciest dress as well. I had to dig through boxes in the garage to find the matching hair band. When I put it on her head, Claire laughed and said "She looks ridicullus!" I said she looked pretty and reminded Claire that she once wore the exact same outfit.Poor Joy had just woken up and was not in a picture taking mood but she was a good sport.
It's amazing how many things you can do before 8:15am. We were only 1 minute late for church.

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  1. Tell Claire Grandma thinks she looks simply lovely !!! Just like a princess …. <3