Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Day With Gigi

Last month, my grandma moved out here to Arizona from California. She moved into a beautiful retirement community called Renaissance in Sun Lakes.
The main entranceThe Lobby (very small portion of it anyway)

My grandma pays one monthly bill that covers everything (including once a week cleaning service) ((except for cable.)) She even gets 20 meals a month that she can eat in the dining room. My mom and I ate there with her one day and it was delicious food. When my grandma goes by herself, they have a special seating area for single people so she will be put in a group to get to know people. All of the residents there are so nice and the majority of them are in good health and active. There are so many activities to take part in too! Water aerobics, billiards, bunco, bingo, book clubs, group outings, movies, church services and the list goes on.

I decided that I want to move into a place like this when I am old. It seems like so much fun! It kind of reminds me of being in high school when my sports team would go travel out of state for tournaments and stay in hotels. Just easy, fun-living with friends and activities. Yes, please!

Renaissance also has a little salon, ice cream parlor, library, movie theater and gift shop - All without ever having to step outside in the heat.Each resident can decorate their door and little alcove however they like.
Grandma is not a much of a decorator - but my mom finally got her to at least put a basket of flowers out. Claire likes it because she can tell which room is Gigi's.

My grandma's living area (she has yet to be convinced that she needs something on the walls)

The kitchen

The view from her porch.

Last week, I took the girls and went with my mom to visit her and take our last swim of the summer in the heated pool.Joy doesn't scream in the water anymore!Claire loves to visit Gigi and is not shy around her at all.

and neither is Joy.Group shot!
After swimming, pictures and the hanging of a hummingbird feeder, we went to run some errands, but first stopped by Wendy's for lunch.

Grandma loves to order chocolate shakes and she splits them with Claire. I am sure that Claire gets more than her fair share.Next, we went to good ol' Walmart as we all needed to get a few things.
Claire held Gigi's hand the whole time and told her "Gigi, I need to hold your hand so you don't get lost."
She also held Gigi's hand so she would not get hurt by cars.

It was cracking me up because every time I took pictures that day, I would take about 30 of each shot knowing that out of the 30 maybe one or two would be good. My grandma kept saying I was the paparazzi and 3 different times asked me if I was "out of film yet?"

We look forward to many more fun days at Gigi's new house. This weekend they are having a trick-or-treat night for all of the residents great-grandchildren. We'll be there for sure! Claire is excited for another chance to wear her costume :)


  1. Isn't it special to see your kids interact with your Grandparents? My kids love spending time with my Grandma! It's such a blessing to have them involved in our lives.

  2. That makes me cry! What an awesome thing for G.G. to have such a nice place to live and most of all to spend such precious time with her daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughters now! What an answer to prayer! I can't believe the beautiful view from her porch!