Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Joy's First Swim

Josh and I noticed that Joy hates getting wet. She hates her bath and no matter what we try, she screams her little lungs out the entire time.

We thought she would enjoy swimming since I could hold her and the pool water was cool, well cool compared to the 113 degrees yesterday.

She did not.
But Claire enjoyed having her sister swim with us.
The moment she was out, she calmed down - but was still a little angry over the ordeal.
She was much happier watching us...
and practicing using those chicken legs and non-existent bottom...
All that work made her so tired she fell asleep while we were eating dinner. (Something that Claire would not have done in a million years.)


  1. Someday she's going to be really upset with you over that "chicken legs" picture. That's hilarious!