Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Claire's Tap/Ballet Class

This summer we enrolled Claire in a ballet/tap class through the city of Phoenix. She turned 3 the day before the class started so she was by far the youngest in the 3-5 age group but we were so excited that she was finally able to be in a class. I was disappointed to find that preschool classes require the parent to stay during the class yet do not allow you inside the room. The last day of class they had a "show"... if you could call it that, so all the parents could come and finally take pictures and video of the little dancers.She is easy to spot as she is the smallest and insisted on having a blue leotard. We ended up dying a white leotard blue and I made the skirt out of a baby dress I found at Savers. You can't really tell from far away but it had blue flowers on it that matched the leotard.

Claire was not particularly fond of this class all summer and usually cried for at least a little while each class. The teacher never came and got me though so I guess it wasn't too bad.

She started out the show so excited and hyper that she could not keep herself still. She was constantly in the back of the line dancing, running in place, sticking out her tongue, shouting "hi" to us, etc. (I don't know where this child came from) But she still managed to pull it together when it was her turn. Err... for the most part.

She randomly started crying because she had to go potty so I was thankful for the opportunity to take her out and talk to her about standing still in line and paying attention. After that short break, she did great...

and then this happened...

As you can see those silly boards tripped her up. She was not able to recover after such humiliation and cried the rest of the time (about 20 minutes)

Poor Claire. She liked her gymnastic/exercise class much better. That "show" is coming up!

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