Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I'm not one to blog about food. I find it especially annoying when people post what they are having/making for dinner on their facebook. I don't care! But I am not showing off my cooking skills or searching for people to comment "yum! save some for me!" here. I just want to tell you about my newly rediscovered love.

Pizza Huts' personal pan pizza.
Yes, I eat the whole thing! Don't judge!

Back when I was in grade school, we participated in Pizza Huts' Book It! Program. Each month we would get a voucher for a free personal pan pizza. Oh, the greasy goodness. I had forgotten they even existed until last month when my mom and I got one.

Not only did I bite into a personal sized pizza of extra greasy goodness, but also a bit of childhood nostalgia. These pizzas do not taste like ANY other pizza! I don't even like Pizza Huts' regular pizzas but these.... these are in a league all of there own.

My new pregnancy tradition is to get one every Monday when we go over to spend the day with my mom. I make myself feel better about it by setting it on some paper towels and blotting the grease off the top. That cuts the calories in half right? (the paper in back was from the top.)Next time you feel like you need some extra fat in your diet, try one! You won't be sorry!

Well, unless you are like Claire and just don't like pizza. She would eat it but she prefers her meat and cheese sandwich instead. We always pack one along instead of buying her her own pizza - cause I'm not sharing!


  1. I love the individual pan pizzas as well! The full size ones just don't taste the same.

    I enjoy getting to read your blog, thanks for writing it. =)

  2. Thanks Mandy! It's always nice to know that someone is reading it!!