Sunday, April 3, 2011


Today after church, Claire was walking around looking for bballs (as usual) and found a dollar under a rock - supposedly, I didn't see it happen. Then someone gave her a cup and wrote her name on it to put her dollar and bballs in the cup. While I was talking with a few people, Claire went around showing her cup to everyone and people started putting more money in it! Next thing I know she comes over to me with a cup overflowing with money. Somehow she ended up with $13 and 30 cents. (and 8 bballs)
We decided that next time we have a fundraiser we'll put a sandwich board sign on her and give her a cup. Then I told Claire "Well, we'll use that as a start for the tea party donations" ( I am planning our Ladies' Spring Tea) Then Claire said she wanted some tea so I gave her some. She walked around with two cups, one with money and one with tea and she told me (very excited) "Look! One for tea party, one for my tea!"

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