Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random Topics

1. This is what my craft room looks like at the moment.
Christmas gifts in the making. Can you tell I have been busy?

Today I cringed as I drove by the Postnet with it's sign outside that now reads "26 Days Til Christmas". Where did the time go? It seems like I just barely got all our autumn decor out and now it's time to replace it with snowmen and Christmas trees. Why can't time go by that fast when I'm pregnant?

2. I know you all are probably sick of hearing me on this subject but I came across the most amazing finds this past month at Goodwill! I can't NOT share them!!!

This laminating machine was only $8! I have always wanted one. If I ever get tired of it, they are selling for $97 on Amazon right now so I could make some money off this deal.

This roll of home decor fabric was only $5

and all of this paper (216 pages to be exact) for $9.
3. My hair is falling out like crazy. You know how you clean out your hair brush maybe once a month and get a big gob of hair out of it? Well, I get that every day. Plus, when I wash my hair, handfuls come out. The same thing happened after I had Claire. I was hoping it was a nursing thing and wouldn't happen this time, but no. "Do not trust to hope... It has forsaken these lands." (bonus points to anyone who knows where that quote is from)

*I took a picture of my hair-laden brush but decided not to put it up. Your welcome.

4. Our turtle has still not started to hibernate! I am very concerned for her with the freezing temperatures and all. Today, Josh made her a hibernation box and put her in the garage. She already made a mess of it. We love her. Claire colored on her shell with chalk apparently...


  1. Ok, so I posted a really long comment last night...but I guess it didn't go through. I'll try and do the condensed version now.

    Every day we lose an average of 100 hairs. When you are pregnant, your body doesn't let go of those 100 hairs/day. Once your hormones go back to pre-pregnancy, all those hairs you should have lost, start to fall out. So although it appears as though you are losing a ton of hair, it really is just the hair you should have been losing on a daily basis. So no worries, it's normal! It's actually the same process for someone who uses Rogaine. They have to use it the rest of their lives or else all those hairs will fall out and they would have just wasted their money.

  2. Don't you love having a project room?! I can't believe the amazing deals you and your mom find at thrift stores!