Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Claire Unsupervised

Last night, I was making dinner while Josh studied for his classes and Claire was happily playing in the family room. Claire kept saying "oh, I'm thirsty, oh, I'm thirsty." So I looked up to see her with water all down her front and trying to drink out of one of her toy cups.
"Did you put water in that cup for her?" I asked Josh. He said no. We were wondering where she got it so I told her to go get another drink. She happily sauntered over to the couch, picked up my water bottle and filled her mouth with water...
then, she picked up her toy cup and spat all the water into it...and then drank it.
and here she is looking guilty.


  1. Is that really a guilty look - - - looks pretty satisfied with herself if you ask me.