Sunday, October 17, 2010


I am so excited! Behold! My craft room! Because we figure we have a least a year before a baby will be occupying this room, I thought of how glorious it would be to have all of my stuff in one place, easily accessible, and out of sight. Josh agreed that is was a good idea (he is sick of fabric scraps all over our room) and thus, my craft room came into existence.
(I haven't had time to move all of my fabric in here yet though.)
Not only is everything all in one place, but I don't have to clean everything up between uses. Before, I would spend half of my "free time" getting everything out and cleaning it all up. Now I can just shut the door and when I come back - I pick up right where I left off.

I also suspect that I will have more time than ever to work on sewing projects and what not, now that Claire is older.

I have discovered a great secret. Thrift stores often have quilt batting! I got these brand new packages a few weeks ago. They cost me $8 altogether.
At Joann I would have spent over $40.I am proud that I hardly spent any money on this room. Most everything I either had already or purchased for dirt cheap at a thrift store. e.i. chair for $3.99.

I feel so spoiled! - But then I remember the reason we have an empty room.
I'll take whatever silver-lining I can get.

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  1. Kathleen, you are amazingly strong! What a testimony of God's faithfulness and a trusting heart! I love the room!