Sunday, October 31, 2010


This year I was really feeling under pressure to make Claire another cute costume and keep up with the standards of previous years.

2008 - The Bear2009 - The Chicken

The really hard part is just thinking of something for her to be that is out of the ordinary. The fun part was figuring out how to make it as cute as possible. I think we were successful!

2010 - The Pteradactyl

Some of you may have guessed after reading this post that she would be a dinosaur. When Claire was a baby we called her a "Claireadactyl" because she would screech just like one. We knew that's what she had to be and I was glad because Pteradactyls are skinny (unlike all other dinosaurs) and I wouldn't have to add a bunch of uncomfortable bulk to her.

This costume was by far the most challenging - because of the head. Pteradactyls have pointy long heads and that was very hard to copy. A shout out to Kris Williams for giving me the idea of using styrafoam cones. Figuring out how to keep the head in place without choking the poor girl was even more challenging. (the teeth were carefully hand-shaped baking clay, the eyes are painted purse feet)

I also was more concerned with the feet this year. Last year we made her feet out of felt. They didn't stay on very well and they attracted the loose straw and grass like a magnet. This year, I covered her old, water shoes by hot gluing fabric over them. These feet would hold up in a marathon and are comfy and functional.

and don't forget the token tail!

We headed over to our church's Harvest Carnival and Claire had a great time.

Here she is with her friend Keyara. It is pictures like this that make me think she may be a "little person". Keyara is a year older.... but still.She played a few games, and got some dino tracks painted on her face..but mostly wanted to bounce in the bounce houses.
She was such a sweet girl all night. I just wanted to eat her up.
Happy Halloween little Claireadactyl!


  1. what an adorable costume Kathleen. I am impressed!

  2. So So cute! I love the name "Clairadactyl!"