Friday, October 15, 2010

Claire's Trip to The Museum

Last week, our neighbor took us to the Children's Museum of Phoenix. She bought a year pass so she had some "buddy passes". I was so excited - I have been wanting to take Claire for quite a while but could never get my hands on a culture pass.

We started out in the "Under 3's" room because our neighbor's baby just turned 1. Claire had a lot of fun in there. The hole that blew air up at her was quite the attraction.

Anything that had to do with balls was pretty cool too.

After awhile, I wanted to take Claire to the noodle forest because I thought it looked like so much fun... It was definitely not fun. There were big kids running through there screaming. Claire said she was scared.

We then looked around the various rooms for something that would either appeal to Claire and/or was not overrun with other kids.

She rode a bike through the car wash.

Claire really liked this thing

In the craft room we started to make leaf rubbings - mostly because all the school kids were NOT making leaf rubbings. Claire was unimpressed so we played with some black play dough.
She enjoyed feeding the fake horse some felt carrots.
We both had the joy of climbing through the new climber. It was weird though, it was made of chain link fence and milk crates so it was definitely not child friendly in my opinion.Come to think of it the whole museum doesn't look very child friendly. It is so dark and looks like the kids are playing in a warehouse with the cement floors and lack of color.

Claire and I had fun despite the decor. It was a great way to spend the day!

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