Friday, December 18, 2009

Time Flies - When You Have A Toddler

What a crazy, busy, month we have had! I can't believe how fast it has gone. Josh finished up his semester at Southwestern and we are all grateful that he has much more time on his hands. (Well, he will after he gets back from the Amor Ministries trip to Mexico. He leaves the day after Christmas and comes back late on the 31st.

Claire seems to be adding new words to her vocabulary lately. It is nice that she can now say things other than her animal sounds we taught her. Her newest of words are: more, please, ball, bug, bad dog, tickle tickle, kitty, hot, up and off. Yes, she is a woman of few words. I'm sure that is going to change in the next couple of months as just this week has started using her words more.

We are so excited for Christmas his year! Josh and I can't wait to see Claire open her presents. It is a little saddening knowing that she will never remember it. We are making it a festive time regardless. She will remember by pictures right?

This week we went to visit Nana and Gigi again. Claire enjoyed the leaves in the front yard before Poppy mows them all up.

Uncle Buddy* played with her and threw leaves on her head...
*actually he will hereafter be referred to as Bubba. Claire yells "Bubba!" instead of "Buddy!"
She thought that was hilarious... this is her belly laugh.

We walked to the park to let Claire play. Claire loves playing on slides and playgrounds. She could go up and down the steps all day if we let her.She especially loved this little slide but as you can see there was an obnoxious boy who was way too big for it who kept going up and down and running on it. He went down on his stomach, side, back, head first, other side. He kept saying, "Watch this!" We kept saying, "Watch out!"His dad just stood at a distance and watched as his son terrorized the playground. He looked bored out of his mind and grateful that someone else had to deal with the boy instead of him.

We let Claire try the big kid swings. She holds on really well!I will post some Christmas card pictures this weekend!

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