Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Zoo Lights

We made it out to Zoo Lights this week. It was Claire's first time. She was enamored by all the lights and colors and music.
When Claire is around either her Grandma or Nana only they can hold her. She would have nothing to do with me the whole night. She does this all the time and even when they leave our house after babysitting, Claire cries and clings to them like she's saying "Don't leave me here with this horrible mommy!" I don't understand it but I welcome the break in most cases. It was a really nice evening. (Well, I was freezing the whole time but that is just expected)

Claire even prefered her Uncle Corey over me!

The famous dancing trees. It looked more like a haunted house show to me.
All of the lights were really pretty and well done. I don't think I could go year after year though. Josh and I went way back when we were dating and it still seemed the same as it did back then. It was a nice night though and of course everything is more fun with Claire:)

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