Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

We had a great Thanksgiving week. On Sunday, Claire wore her Thanksgiving dress. I made it out of a ladies top I had previous bought at a thrift store. She also wore her hair curly after the 3rd and final attempt at sponge curlers. It came out alright but I didn't like it enough to do it again. We will try again later, when her hair is longer maybe.
She makes that pumpkin look really heavy

Thanksgiving morning, I got up and made two chocolate pudding pies. Josh was at the youth Turkeybowl so it was just me and Claire. I guess I underestimated how much of a hindrance she is when it comes to me trying to cooking anything. This is the only way I could get her to stop pulling on my pajama legs, crying pathetically to be held.
I do not feel guilty for letting her eat spoon fulls of chocolate pudding at 7 in the morning because she did eat a huge bowl of grape nuts before hand.

We later went over to my parents' house for the Thanksgiving dinner. It was quite the gathering as there were 16 people there (would have been 17 but my cousin Marisol was sick with bronchitis. We thank you Marisol for staying home. It is something that many people do not seem to have the courtesy to do)

Claire played ping pong with her uncles.
Uncle Buddy doesn't usually look like a thug. He and a group of friends all shaved their heads in solidarity with their friend Evan, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. We then ate and ate and ate and there were a ton of left overs. This one's for you Grandpa!

Here is a picture of Steve and Michelle that I thought was really cute. We did not do our typical group family shots this year. How sad. I guess everyone conveniently forgot.

My cousin Sara brought her new baby Beso. He was the sweetest puppy. Claire loved him. Here she is petting his belly.The next day we went over to Josh's parents for pie. Claire had a good time over there as well. She loved playing with her Aunt Shelbe and she is not so shy with Uncle Corey anymore. Shelbe would hide in the hallway and pop out and surprise herWhere did she go?
There she is!

Grandpa taught her how to eat whipped cream out of the can. She was overjoyed.

Josh's parents also surprised us with an early Christmas gift.


It is the same one the Corey had that I continually borrow from him. Hooray!!! No more wasted pictures that are all blurry! I am so excited about this.

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