Sunday, November 22, 2009

No More Dead, White Liquid

This week, I finally invested in some raw milk. I say 'invest' because this gallon cost $12.29 but I believe the benefits are well worth it.
I got it from Healthy Habits Health Food in Phoenix. It was so weird when I bought it, I called ahead to make sure they had some but when I got there, I couldn't find it anywhere. I asked one of the people working there and she said they aren't allowed to display it. She had to get it from 'the back' . I also wasn't allowed to carry it around the store or even to the checkout myself. SHE had to do it. I felt like I was buying drugs. Not that I know what that's like but it's how I imagine it must be.

There are a THOUSAND different ideas and beliefs about raw milk and I know this is not for everyone. If you would like to read some supporting articles , you can click here, here, here, here, here or here. If you would like to read some pro pasteurization articles you can can google the words. 'raw, milk, disease, or FDA' in any order.

I have never allowed Claire to drink regular milk. She gets some in her cereal and she has had a few bites of yogurt in her life but it just makes me nervous.

Now Claire can drink her milk! (It is only for Claire, Josh and I don't want to waste it.) Time for the taste test...
I'd say it is a-okay!

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