Thursday, April 16, 2009

Winnie the Pooh on Helmets Too!

Well, we took the tray off the high chair and pushed it as close to the table as it can go. There was still a huge gap but then I remembered these place mats we had up in the cupboard for “when Claire is older” which sadly appears to be now. The place mats are really neat, they have suction cups on the bottom so they don’t slide or the baby doesn’t pull the, up and they have a little trough that hangs off the table to catch any food that missed that target. We have matching bibs too that have a big pocket to catch food. The bib is a little cumbersome but otherwise, it works well.
I especially like when she eats directly out of the bib.

Mmmm....cornbread and beans....

On Wednesday, I made my weekly trip to my mom's house and we went thrift storing as always. We didn’t find much but we did found this adorable helmet for Claire. I couldn’t believe it! It looked brand new inside. No lice:)

Side view.

It makes me laugh every time! Poppy had been working on a bike seat - also a thrift store purchase, to get it to fit on the beach cruisers that Josh and I have. He engineered a way to get it hooked on and took Claire for her first ride. (which he deserved after all the work he did on that seat) Thank you Poppy!

She really liked it. She maybe was a little nervous, but when they were moving she was smiling. I am wondering how old she will be before she is totally embarrassed by the pooh helmet.

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