Tuesday, April 7, 2009

White Babies Can't Dance

I was pretty excited this morning because I got myself and Claire together and went shopping before Claire's morning nap (9:30ish) and found some great deals! I had always known that Fry's has manager's specials on items that are going to reach their expiration dates within a few days, but apparently, you have to go early to get the good items. (Haha, last week I bought a gallon of skim milk this way for only 99 cents. I knew Josh wouldn't drink it if he knew it was skim so I put it in an empty milk jug that was our regular 1%. He didn't say anything but when I told him a few days ago, after the milk was gone, he said he noticed it tasted "not good". Oh well, it was cheap milk.)

So many things were marked down in the dairy case this morning and I happened to see they had 2lb tubs of organic yogurt marked down to only 99 cents! (regularly $3.48) I bought all three that were on sale and put two of them in my freezer. I love yogurt but I won't eat it if it
(1 .) has sugar cancer in it, i.e. splenda, or (2.) if it doesn't say it was made from cows not treated with RBST, or (3.) it is expensive.

This evening we replaced the batteries in our Hallmark singing bunny and Claire decided to dance with it. Poor Claire. Those who can't dance, clap.

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  1. I can't believe I haven't seen your child still in person. This is a sad thing. She is a cutie - nice finding deals... if you are interested in coupon fun stuff you should talk to me sometime... ( :