Tuesday, April 14, 2009


What a busy Easter weekend we had! The day before Easter, we went to my mom’s house to celebrate my grandma’s birthday. She and her husband Al drove out from California (which RARELY happens) so we all met up to be there with them. Steve and Michelle came down from Anthem and saw Claire for the first time since Christmas and my Aunt and Uncle and cousins from Tucson came up as well. (Last time we saw them I was 7 days over due with Claire). So Claire got to meet the rest of the family. Thank goodness for Claire. She makes our family get- togethers slightly more entertaining.

We couldn’t agree whether Claire was a second cousin to my cousins, or if she was a first-cousin-once-removed. After a lengthy, dizzying, conversation and a quick look on the internet, we discovered that they are in fact, first-cousins-once-removed. Whoever came up with that is truly a pathetic person.

The FCORs - Kevin and Sara with Claire

Steve and Michelle (Claire was not cooperating)

The whole family.

Claire with her Gigi

On Easter Sunday, Josh was up at 4am to get ready for the sunrise service, which I opted out on because of Claire. We got to church, ate breakfast and went to the first 15 minutes of service until we had to leave, because somebody was screaming for no reason. So, it was my first Sunday in a long time that I didn’t really go to an Easter Service.

Back at my parents house that afternoon, the original 3 o’clock dinner was pushed back to 6:30 because as my Grandma and Al put it...“you can’t eat that soon after eating pancakes for lunch! We aren’t even going to be hungry.” So we all were our exciting selves and stood around watching Claire most of the day. We got a ton of pictures of her in her Easter dress though so that was good. She tried jello for the first time and that ended up being a huge mess.

Claire also received 3 different Easter gifts from everyone (which was nice because the Easter bunny was too lazy to bother this year). She really enjoyed them all. While we were opening her
gifts Al asked, “Is it her birthday?” and he was not kidding.

Claire loves her little lamb from Aunt Faith

The four generations of girls

FCOR Marisol
Lounging with Dada

Nana and Claire

Claire is such a Poppy’s girl. Every time he would walk in the room she would run to him and cling to his leg until he picked her up. She always wants him to hold her - more than her mommy even!

It was a nice weekend all in all. We are sad we didn't make it to Grandma and Grandpa McKenzie's house but hopefully we will be able to see them soon!

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