Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Toy Story Halloween

This year we were able to enjoy Halloween with all of our cousins so we wanted to do a group costume for all of them.   Like always, these costume were put together from Goodwill items and/or homemade by me and my mom.  Let's just say the Potato and Bo Peep were a labor of love.  
When you have 8 kids and 7 of them are under the age of 6, 
and 2 of them can't stand still if their lives depended on it,
 and 1 can't sit up at all, 
and 1 screams the entire picture session,
 and 2 don't know how to smile....
this is the best group photo you can get.

Penny as Bo Peep's Sheep

Norah as Bo Peep
Image result for toy story bo peep
      Josiah as Woody
Image result for toy story Woody

   Jack as The Claw Machine Alien

Image result for toy story alien

          Paige as Mr Potato Head
Image result for toy story Mr . Potato Head

      Timothy as Buzz Lightyear
Image result for toy story buzz

Claire as Jessie
Image result for toy story Jessie

         Joy as Workout Barbie
Image result for toy story barbie

The Saturday before Halloween everyone met at our house for dinner and pictures before heading over to our church's harvest carnival.

The kids loved it and let me just say that Jack in a bounce house is quite the sight.

On Halloween we went up to my brother's house in Anthem to take them trick or treating.
They all had a blast and we came home with TONS of candy.

Since Bryan and Rachel were in town we spent a day with them.  Unfortunately, our original plans were changed when we unknowingly gave my mom the stomach bug we all had (the day before our symptoms showed up) and various people had a day of being sick while they visited. 

Everyone was finally able to meet Baby Penny.

It was a fun filled week! 
The girls are already planning what they want to be next year.

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