Thursday, November 30, 2017

Cutting Down a Cactus

The day after Thanksgiving, we finally cut down the huge, obnoxious, ugly, leaning, cactus in our front yard.

I have always been anti-cacti. From the first moment that we saw our house on Zillow - before looking at it with a realtor,  I said "That cactus would have to go."   I have put up with it for a year now but it has finally met it's timely death.

Now, there are all kinds of rumors floating around that you can't cut down a Saguaro cactus because they are protected, or you can but you have to get a permit or pay a fee. No matter who I asked or where I looked online it seemed everyone had their own version of the law so I called the ADA to get some straight answers.  It turns out that you don't need to do anything to cut one down if it is on your property and your parcel is less than 10 acres.  The lady I talked to just said to cut it up in small enough pieces that no one would try to take it and plant it. (What!? Is that really a legitimate concern?  Replanting cactus chunks?)  Whatever.   I then called the City of Phoenix to see if it would be alright to put it out with the bulk pick up.  The person I talked to did not know and I was on hold for 35 minutes while she asked someone, but finally was given the green light so long as the chunks are put in boxes labeled "Cactus".  Yep, seriously.

So, my dad came out with his chainsaw and he and Josh got right to work.

The cactus was so wet and slimy.  The chainsaw spit cactus buggers out all over the place.  

 The audience - my cousin Justin was their too!  He helped carry cactus chunks and entertained Jack.

 There was a dead bird inside one of the many holes in the cactus.  We (the girls and I) wanted to look at it and see it's skeleton.  Everyone had to take turns holding it. 

Bye cactus!

We also cut down an disgusting yucca, a few barrel cacti and a palm tree that day.
 Our front yard is looking much better. 

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