Friday, May 27, 2016

Staycation at Nana's

This past week has been a lot of fun for me and the girls.   Josh had to go out of town for a few days so we spent 4 nights over at my parent's house - just for fun.   We kept busy thrift-storing, swimming, going to Ikea (on Tuesday cause kids eat free!) and we drove up to Anthem to watch cousins TJ and Josiah.  
 My brother, Steve, kept our old Nintendo that we got from Santa when I was 10.  He taught TJ how to play it and Tj showed my girls. 
 Oh my goodness, Claire is hooked.  As a former, expert of Mario 3, I can tell you that watching a first timer play is torturous.  

My mom and I took all the kids to a little park nearby - thank goodness for double strollers!  The weather was warm but amazing considering it is the end of May.

 Claire was a little bored.  She is quite a bit older than everyone else.  
We had a 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 year old..... and almost 8 year old Claire.

We ate lunch and mostly the kids complained that they wanted to go home to play more Nintendo.  Sheesh.
When we were packing up an inch worm blew out of a tree and landed on Jack.  We had fun watching it move.  So weird!

 On the way home from Anthem my van got a flat tire.  Praise the Lord that it happened just a few miles from home and not way up in the Boonies.  We were able to safely get off the freeway before it went completely flat so that is a bonus.  Regrettably I had never learned to change a tire so we had to call my dad who also was close by.  I watched carefully and am confident that I can do it next time, it is way easier than I imagined it would be.  Next on my list of things to learn is how to jump-start my van. I drive long distances and have 4 little kids, I need to be self-reliant.

The next day I was able to get a new tire and wait for it while my mom stayed with all the kids. 
 Then I picked up cousin Norah and she brought her over for another day of cousin time.   
We again went to the park.
 ate lunch and looked at the ducks.

 Jack doesn't really like the stroller - especially if he is tired and needs to sleep.  He can ONLY sleep on his tummy.  I tried laying him down like this and within seconds he went from screaming to completely out.
So sweet. 

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  1. Can see that Grandma had a wonderful time! -Nancy Shippy