Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Poor Jack - Lip Tie

Poor Jack.

He has had a rough first two months.

When he was born Josh and I noticed right away that he was tongue tied.   Claire and Paige were also tongue tied so we knew to look for it.  The hospital never checks for that which is annoying.  It was a really bad tie so thankfully when the Dr. was doing his circumcision, she also cut his tongue.  No big deal.

After so long of him eating every two hours my sister-in-law suggested that maybe he was lip-tied.  Sure enough he was and it was a pretty bad one.  This isn't him but this is what his mouth looked like.
Seriously, can we not have a kid without mouth malformations?
So we made an appt with a pediatric dentist (cause you know, I was hoping to throw another $300 out the window) and they performed "laser surgery" on it. I have a hard time calling it surgery because it took all of ten minutes and he was awake the whole time.

He did great and was a little cranky that evening.  I was surprised how large the "cut" is in his mouth.  The white triangle shape is all healing mouth flesh.   Ouch. I have to be careful when I hold him up on my shoulder because he loves to lift his head up and look around and bob it all over the place - however, when his neck muscles give out, he face-plants onto my shoulder bone, hitting him right in the mouth and he screams.

6 times a day we have to stretch his lip up to keep it from growing back together and rub coconut oil on it.  This is a super fun activity that always ends in ear splitting screams.

Now, the day he had his surgery I also for some reason decided to try eating dairy again - the first time in 5 months.  I had Costco pizza... so good. Well that evening he was extra fussy but we thought it was because of his lip.  Three days went by of him being absolutely horrible, fussing, crying, and not sleeping which we were still not sure if it was the lip or dairy. It wasn't until he started spitting up constantly with lots of projectile vomiting that I knew it was from the dairy.  His poops were green too which apparently is a pretty good sign of dairy problems. 

This is him thinking about how much his tummy and mouth hurt
and how mad he is that he has to wear such an uncomfortable shirt.

I immediately swore off dairy once again and after 2 days he is back to his good old self.  Except now he is smiling finally!  

I am smiling too because he has been only waking me up once in middle of the night.

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