Monday, December 14, 2015


Today we went to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop.   It was way more fun than going to the mall and we got a free picture.  It's not the best but what can you expect?

The girls have been looking forward to seeing Santa for quite a while now.  Claire hasn't been able to decide what she wanted and kept coming up with weird suggestions that I tried to discourage. Mostly those ridiculous things you see on tv around Christmas time like Stompeez and similar absurdities that I would throw away a few days later.  (We don't have room for that kind of junk!)  Luckily, she went with "You can just surprise me."  Phew!

Sweet Joy has a very specific list. She wanted a Sophia doll. socks, and a purple dress or shirt. Reasonable, small, and inexpensive suggestions. Santa can do that.

Apparently the Santa at Bass Pro Shop is a "photo op only" Santa and does not talk to the kids. You can write him a letter while you wait in line and put it in his mailbox,and you'd better because he won't ask you if you've been good and what you want for Christmas - he won't even give you a "Ho".  He just sits there and endures, probably questioning his life decisions with each screaming child that is taken off his lap.

Joy telling Dad what to write.

Paige surprised us all by being nice to Santa and sitting on his lap all by herself.  She did not cry at all and she is very proud of her picture with him.  "That me!" she says.

After Santa, we shot at the shooting range,

admired the reindeer,

and rode the carousal....

all for free!

Paige was not too sure about the whole ride thing.

We also just enjoyed walking around the store, looking at the fish, waterfalls, and taxidermy.

Afterward, we went to get our Christmas tree. I can't remember the last time I actually enjoyed decorating the tree. What a pain it is!  There are so many rules!  So many different ways to break ornaments! And a huge shortage of branches that can bear the weight of any ornament.  We got it done though.  I only have 4 ornaments in need of some glue gun repair.

This upcoming week is our busiest one before Christmas.  Next Monday our "to do" list will be complete and I can relax and enjoy the season.

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  1. So funny! I took my grands there a couple of years ago and had the same "photo op" experience! No "HO" at all! Lol! They did enjoy the AZ snowball fighting area, though. The tree decorating is never as glamorous as magazines and tv shows make it look! I so agree! I love that your kids have very simple expectations for Christmas. More mom's need to encourage contentment like that! Good job, Mommy!