Thursday, December 31, 2015

Another quilt!

I can finally post my newest quilt!

I started it last January as soon as my broken wrist could handle cutting fabric and I didn't finish it until the week before Christmas.  

I could have had it done by March if I had just worked on it a little everyday but it fell to the wayside for months at a time.  
I instantly regretted the quilting pattern that I chose. The quilt is 72in by 78in - do you know how many times I had to stuff that quilt through my machine throat to turn it?!?!  Too many.  But it was worth it!

I am very pleased with how it came out. This one went to my Mother-In-Law for Christmas.  

And now to start on the next! I am very glad that I have many pro-quilters in my new Sunday school class and I already have learned a few nuggets of quilting wisdom from them. I want to have most of it done before the baby is born....but we'll see.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful and so impressive! I hope your MIL appreciated all of the stuffing and turning with a recovering broken wrist and all! You never cease to amaze me!