Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Pool with Cousins

Last week we got to go up to Anthem to visit cousins TJ and Josiah.  Norah came too but had to go home early.  

We spent the morning playing at TJ's house and getting horrible group pictures of the six cousins.  Horrible.

Then we went to a splash park but it got boring fast and it was SO hot out.   So we went to the Anthem Community Pool and had a blast!  
Claire loved the slides
 and got her first chance to go off a real diving board. 
  She was even brave enough to try the high dive - but only once. 
The little kids enjoyed the shallow pool and ran around in it most of the time.

Josiah enjoyed the water. 

But he did not enjoy Claire trying to feed him.
 He's a cool guy.


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