Saturday, August 8, 2015

Catching Up - Summer Overview

We have had an excellent summer so far and the best part is - it's not over yet!  Next week we'll be heading to the beach with my parents and at the end of the month we'll be camping with the Jack's family again. 

We finished school the last week of May,  just in time for VBS which was directly followed by Kid's Camp.  Claire had a blast and was especially proud that she caught her first fish.  She ate the raw heart and became a member of the Lonely Hearts Club.

Later in June we celebrated Claire's 7th birthday.  She wanted a My Little Pony party. (gag my with a stick)  Rainbow Dash is her favorite so she had a Rainbow Dash cake and pinata. 

 More than anything else in the world she wanted a skateboard.   I can't believe how well she does on it!  It is amazing, she runs and jumps on it while it's moving and all sorts of dangerous things.  
 Joy decided to finally try on the magic swimming mask and viola!  She is able to swim underwater now!  Her swimming skills improved greatly this year.  
We decided that Joy does have a gluten sensitivity - nothing too bad but when she has gluten she gets very tired, her tummy gets bloated, and she has extreme thirst - and therefore bed wetting problems.  She seems more sharp and with it when she is off it also.  She doesn't eat gluten at home but we're not going to say she can never have a piece of cake or pizza ever again. 
 At the end of June, Paige turned 2!!!!!!!!!!!
What a sweet little dumpling girl this little horror turned out to be!  She is the bomb.  So much fun, tough, hardly ever cries, mostly happy, lovingly etc. etc.  She also just potty trained herself.  Seriously,  all I did was supply the little toilet. 

 Her birthday theme was Bubble Guppies.

More party swimming.
Oh yes, and she also got her very own big girl scooter similar to the ones sissies have.  She is very proud.

There's been lots of slip - n - sliding,  

 Storm watching,

Pool going,
and playing in the irrigation. 

After Josh was finally home from his many camps and days away, we are ready for a family vacation!

We got bored after all the activities and sports slowed down so we started school two weeks ago.

First day of school photo.  

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