Friday, January 30, 2015

Rainy Play Date

Yesterday we got together with my friend Jenni and her 3 girls.  This time we met at Eastmark Park instead of at one of our houses. 

Let's just say I was overly optimistic about the weather.  

The girls had fun playing in the rain but it was cold and soon the wind started picking up and the rain was steady.

Paige and Quincy were little pals!  Usually they just look at each other and coexist but they seemed to have enjoyed each others company this time.  

They were the official slide dryers.  Quincy used her legs while Paige scooped up water with her hands and slurped it up. Yum!

 Poor Paige was literally shaking she was so cold (but not complaining - throwing rocks in the lake is too much fun to notice the cold)

After a picnic dinner, we were all wet and freezing so we decided to cut the park trip short and head to Starbucks for some hot chocolates.

It was all of the girls' first time with their own Starbucks drink.  It was a picture worthy event but we have yet to get a picture of these 4 that is "good".

The other customers in Starbucks probably loved us.  Nothing like a nice quiet evening at the coffee shop with your book, laptop and 6 overly excited little girls.

What fun we had!

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