Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Park Exploring

I am SO enjoying this warm winter.  I couldn't live in any other state.  Because it's been so beautiful outside lately, we've been going to parks often.
 A little while ago my mom discovered a new one
 so we took the girls one day and it was so much fun.  

Not because of the play equipment  - because there were only climbers and a tire swing.
 Which were fun, don't get me wrong.
 But because of the lake with a walkway going across is and the huge cement amphitheater steps to climb on.
View from the bottom.
View from the top.

We had the most enjoyable time there, climbing up and down the steps, trying to skip rocks on the lake and watching turtles pop their heads out of the water.  There was also a dog park on the opposite shore of the lake so the girls got a kick out of watching the dogs jump in the water to retrieve balls for their owners.

It inspired me to try and visit a new park at least once a week and see what kind of fun can be found.  We'll never know unless we go out and look for it.

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