Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Queen

Paige is the queen of our household and she rules with an iron fist.  

When The Queen is happy, 

so are her subjects. 
But, when The Queen is mad, she spreads her tyranny throughout her kingdom and there is no peace. 
The servants try their best to appease her; singing, dancing, playing motor boat, but The Queen has a mind of her own and her whims change like the wind.   Often the acts of entertainment go unnoticed or are shunned.

Sometimes, The Queen must nap.  Ruling a kingdom and terrorizing the people is hard work!   The people rejoice when The Queen naps.  When she awakens she is usually content (provided her royal maid has fed her promptly)

but without warning her good disposition turns to fury and wrath!  
Alas, Dear Queen, Have mercy on us!

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