Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas in a Nutshell

I think this has been our most enjoyable Christmas yet as a family.  Claire is old enough to really enjoy it and makes doing the little extra things you do for the season worth while.  Joy is just plain fun and a sweetheart. Paige, well, we put up with her -  but I'm not pregnant so that is good.  I have been able to drink several cups of coffee every morning which is needed.

We got out our Christmas stuff the day after Thanksgiving.  Joy loved her Nativity set and spent hours playing with it.  She acted out various scenarios.

She also liked to pretend she was Mary.

I was very busy all of the time and sometimes forgot to put her down for naps but she took care of that herself.
(she did make it to the potty first)

The girls appeased Paige by dancing in front of her to the ever playing Christmas music on itunes and by showing her the singing snowmen that we have.
My favorite is when all 5 of them sing at the same time.

Uncle Buddy took the girls on their annual walk around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights.

Josh is now officially in charge of making sugar cookies with them because I hate doing it so much I just won't.  Same goes for gingerbread houses.  You put all this time and work into it, (yes, you, the adult while the kids are off crying or "washing their hands" or going potty or falling off stools and getting black eyes.) and the finished product looks like rubbish.  Josh likes to do it anyway....

On Christmas Eve we went to my parents' church for service.  It was weird to miss our church's candlelight service but with conflicting schedules it could only work out that way.

After the service, everyone came to our house where we feasted on tamales and opened gifts.  (as is our family tradition.)

Cousins at the kids' table.

Opening gifts and other various entertainment.

The next morning, Santa did not disappoint with Claire's Easy Bake Oven and Joy's Klip Klop Stable.

 Paige enjoying her gifts from the previous night.

Later on Christmas, we went to Josh's parents' to spend the rest of the day with them.  We had a great time and the girls (especially Claire) were ecstatic to open the bikes that Grandma and Grandpa had given them.

I also received a super awesome gift but I'll share it in a later post.

We feel so blessed this Christmas season!
(This would be a good place to put a picture of the 3 girls all dressed up in their Christmas dresses, but did I think to take a picture of that?  No.  No I did not.)

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