Friday, August 9, 2013


Aunt Marisol gave Joy a set of finger paints for her birthday and today we tried them out! Cause as you can see in the background the house wasn't messy enough already
....actually the rest of the house was quite clean and picked up, just not the play room and isn't that what a play room is for? 
Yet another reason I love our new house.

It was Joy's first time finger painting on purpose.  Naturally, she loved it. 
But creating a masterpiece is a serious business and takes all your concentration.

When we were done, Claire and I were washing dishes and Joy was unsupervised with the paints.  She was rubbing all of the colors around on her hands like it was lotion.   She came up to me, held her brown, slimy hands up and said "look!"  I pretended to be upset and said "oh no Joy!  Did you go poopoo on your hands?!?! Oh no! Naughty!"  Joy for a split second had this worried look on her face like she was thinking.  "wait, did I?", looked down at her hands and then broke into a huge smile.  "no!" she said "it paint!" (in her little Joy voice that only she can do.) She is a precious girl.

Aunt Marisol, you can expect a masterpiece to be in your mailbox in a couple of days!

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