Friday, September 14, 2012

Quick Fix - Bow Shirt

A month or so ago I picked this tee up at the Goodwill Clearance Center.
It cost 16 cents.  I don't know why I got it really.  It is awfully plain and pajama-esque.  I hate clothes that look like pajamas. Also, I didn't notice that it had a stain down the front. 

I decided that since it fit Claire well, I would use it as a pattern for something else.... until I saw this. I knew it was the perfect solution for the shirt. 

I used knit fabric to make the bow since the t-shirt is already so thick - plus, the knit was the perfect color and I had it out for another project. (lazy)

 I cut it long enough to cover the stain.  and played around with the bow part a little until it looked the size that I wanted.
 I sewed the bow piece in half,
 scrunched it up to look like a bow.  (see the pile of projects forever multiplying on my sewing machine?)
I hand-stitched a scrap around the bow to hold it together.
 Then it was time to sew the ribbon piece in place.  I laid it out a dozen times before it looked right.    
 Then I hand-stitched the big bow at the neckline and voila!
My model was contrary today. 

 I am so pleased with the shirt now, the bow dressed it up and looks cute and different.  Thank you Make it and Love it!

Now if it would just cool down enough to wear long sleeves again!

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