Sunday, September 16, 2012

Boston House Progress

 We have been working hard at the Boston house.  We can only get out there on Saturdays but we are still making progress.   Over the course of 2 weekends, Josh and my dad and Bryan took turns using the demo hammer to get the tile floor up.  What a loud, dirty, sweaty, exhausting job that was!
 My dad has spent many hours in the master bath fixing a leak and preparing the shower space for a new shower that is not quite to same size.  He had to jackhammer through the concrete and dig in the dirt under the foundation to get to the leak. There was a pile of dirt as tall as Claire in the bathroom at one point.
 Josh kept busy this last weekend taking out cabinets in the garage and taking siding off the wall in the garage so we can put drywall up instead so it will be up to fire code.  (The garage was a carport that the previous owners enclosed.)  He also mowed and took out the dog run, chain link fence.
The weekend that it rained a lot, my mom and I pulled a TON of weeds.
We got 3 of the tarps full.
We have also been prepping the walls for paint.  Apparently, the previous owners have never heard of bulletin boards and felt a need to hang thousands of things up on the walls with push pins. 
I was hoping the purple room was not as bad as the teal room but it was definitely worse.
 I was pulling a painted-over staple out of the wall in the purple room and it pulled up the paint around it like a little bubble.  I went to pull the bubble off and the paint kept peeling away from the wall!

Before we knew it, the paint had to be pulled off the entire wall!  It slowed us down A LOT.  What kind of paint just peels up like that?  Ridiculous!
Most weekends Josh's parents watch the girls for us which is a HUGE help.  This last weekend though they weren't able to but since the noisy work was done and it was cooler outside we brought them with us.  They played in the backyard and wandered in and out of the house throughout the day.  They were good for 5 hours!  
Then Claire stood on an ant hill and got bit a few times and my work day was done.

Next on the list is painting the inside and installing new windows.

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